2015 Stats

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We’re still in a transitional phase here at Speculative OP, and by that I mean I’m still travelling and service will be intermittent. But WordPress have seen fit to gift me with a review of my blogs stats over the 2015 year, so I thought I’d share some of the insights from it.

Some of these links are just... disturbing...

Some of these links are just… disturbing…

There were nearly 2500 blog views from 68 countries. Which translates into 1100-odd visitors, some of them presumably fairly odd indeed since the ever-popular “unknown search terms” brought by far the majority of the googlers to my door. Someone, however, was looking for “show me the beautiful much tasty boobs”, which I really don’t feel equipped to help with. I can only hope this weary traveller found what they wanted with Bikini Warriors and Triage X.

By far the most popular articles were those dealing with the military mistakes in Attack on Titan, which between them accounted for over a quarter of the views for all 26 articles. It also got the highest number of views on one day, reaching 98 on the day of its publication. Clearly I need to be scathing about more military-themed anime if I want to break 100. Anime in general was also very popular, which doesn’t really surprise me.

Most of the visitors came from the United States, Japan and Oceania next, and after that it tapered off fairly quickly. It’s a shame WordPress doesn’t track which articles were visited by geographical location, it’d be interesting to see if there was some correlation (and I want to know what that visitor from Albania was looking for).

Let me single out Alex Hurst for being my top commenter, and Artemis for being my top referrer. But I want to thank everyone who visited or commented. Your visits make the whole thing worthwhile, so thank you all! For anyone interested, the full report can be found here.

About Dr. J.H. Watson

I’m a New Zealander, in my 30s, and until recently I lived in rural Japan. I have interests in history, pop culture, video games, and the clever use of language.
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2 Responses to 2015 Stats

  1. Bear says:

    Not going to be hard to find military anime that can be criticized(Heavy Object for example). Harder to find any that are worth doing it.


    • Yes, I’ve been discovering that for myself. Still, half the fun is shooting fish in a barrel (and the other half is slaughtering a whole herd of sacred cows), so I might be able to find a couple to skewer.


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