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Pokémon Fire Red

I’ve never played Pokémon. Never watched the TV shows, seen the movies, collected the cards, or anything. Of course I have heard of it, it’s hard to have anything to do with pop culture and not know the franchise exists. … Continue reading

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Fallout 3 Retrospective

Fallout 4 has been announced for release in November 2015, and fans everywhere are alternately getting very enthusiastic and/or complaining loudly about how terrible it will be. Sometimes both, at once if they’re especially excited. Personally I’m in the cautiously-optimistic … Continue reading

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PUG Life

Although the amount of time I have for the hobby has dropped dramatically, I’d still describe myself as a gamer. I play all sorts of games, primarily on PC, and in recent years there’s been a growing tendency for PC … Continue reading

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Review: Sims 4

In case you haven’t heard of them, the Sims franchise began in 2000 and is a sort of sandbox life simulator. The player creates little virtual people (called ‘sims’), places them in houses, and then guides them through life. When … Continue reading

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